School Life

School Uniform

More than just an outfit, the GESS school uniform is an important part of the GESS identity that helps all students in our community have a sense of togetherness.

Students are to remain in the school uniform for the entire school day, while on campus after school, as well as, during school trips. Exceptions are made when taking part in a Co-Curricular Activity that requires a specific alternative attire.

All items of the GESS uniform are embroidered with the GESS logo. The full uniform is available at the GESS school shop.

Uniform Pricelist

Uniform Item Price SGD
Polo Shirt 24.00
Junior Skort 27.00
Senior Skort 28.00
Shorts full elastic 21.00
Shorts half elastic 24.00
Bermuda 31.00
Long Pants 36.00
Sport Shirt 27.00
Sport Short 21.00
Cap (black) 15.00
Hoodie (grey) 40.00