School Life

Learning Support

Learning difficulties need not become limitations in your child's life. Our learning support programme enables children to master their difficulties and excel.

Areas of support

Language Support for students who have been brought up as bilingual or multilingual

Literacy Support for students with a diagnosis of difficulties with literacy

Numeracy Support for students with a diagnosis of difficulties with numeracy

Attention Training for students with attention and concentration deficits

Reaching the full potential

The Learning Support department is a specialised intervention programme that exists to support students who have learning difficulties or differences. The programme is implemented by qualified teachers who possess specialised knowledge and skills. The main goal is to help students reach their full potential and the department aims to do so through provision of academic, social and emotional support.

Working together with class teachers, the Learning Support department also aids with assessments, test completion and provides general academic guidance: reviewing or previewing concepts/skills, planning for homework assignments, as well as modifying strategies and content. Students receive support in small groups or individually.

The Learning Support department also liaises with outside agencies, such as educational psychologists and paediatricians, who provide therapy for students (for e.g. speech or occupational therapy).