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School Materials

Schoolbooks will be issued by the library at the beginning of the academic year. School materials and workbooks can be purchased in the School Shop. Please find here the full school shop price list.

General items to bring to school everyday:

  • Water bottle
  • Sun hat
  • Healthy snack

additionally for Primary and Secondary:

  • GESS ID card (if you have it)
  • TraceTogether Token or mobile app (for children from 7 yrs)
  • Topped-up GESS ID card (to buy lunch) or bring a packed lunch
  • For sport class: Pair of non-marking indoor PE shoes which we will keep in school, sport shoes for outdoor
  • For swim class: Swim goggles, cap, swim clothes, waterproof bag to keep wet swim clothes.


Primary School

IB Curriculum
German Curriculum

IB Curriculum

Teachers in the European Section Primary School provide all stationery for their students (covered by the school materials fee). Parents only need to purchase the workbooks and do not have to buy school materials.

Middle School

High School

IB Curriculum
German Curriculum