A sea of pink and amidst that the rippling effects of kindness shared between students and staff and a solidarity in standing up against bullying.

The GESS Pink Shirt Day was jam-packed with different guests and activities! The Singapore Kindness Movement and the Children’s Society ran activities to educate students on how to stand up against bullying. Our middle school students demonstrated the work they have completed in class to educate their peers about being open-minded and respectful to those who are different than themselves. The edutech coaches lead activities on cyberbullying and even had a photo booth! There were maps for students to mark potential bullying hotspots, an activity on “bully bees” and “honey bees” and many more hands-on learning opportunities.

It was Pink Shirt day at GESS and we are grateful for this annual commemoration put together by our lovely counselors to work towards a bullying-free community!