Day of Germany Unity Day 2019

3 October – what a momentous occasion it was in the lives of many when a wall dividing Germany came down and a country found its way to unity.

Today we celebrated this historic event with a variety of activities and that too in the very honourable and delightful presence of the German Ambassador to Singapore, His Excellency Dr. Ulrich Sante, who brought to us a very important message that not only educated our students on this important time in Germany’s past but also encouraged them to be politically cognizant.

The Pre-School students also enjoyed a Kasperle Theatre segment on the German reunification while our Primary School students put up a multi-faceted, vibrant segment with a game show, plays, songs and dance to put forth the theme that in a school like ours where we speak different languages, may look different and have different origins, we need to erase lines of division and build unity actively!

It has been a wonderfully thought-provoking day for us and we carry forth the spirit of unity.