Student contract for next academic year 2021/2022

Student Contracts for GESS families have now been sent to the email addresses registered in the school database. Please sign the student contract digitally using Adobe Sign as soon as you have received it.

As the contract can only be sent to one email address, the contract will be sent to the first parent email address in your child's records. The second contact in your child’s records will receive a read-only copy of the student contract. The read-only copy cannot be signed. If you would like to change which parent signs the contract, please use the DocuSign software to assign the contract to someone else.

The student contract will need to be signed by 10th June 2020 and payment of the first semester is due by 15th March 2020. This will secure your child’s place at GESS for August 2020. Should a student contract not be signed by 10 June 2020, the space in the grade may be offered to students on the waiting list. Please help our school finalise our preparations for 2020/21 by signing the student contract on time.

Student Contract FAQs

1) I can’t sign the contract

The contract is sent to both parent records in the school database. The second parent listed in the school database is sent a read only version of the contract for their information and viewing. You will not be able to sign this.

As the contract can only be signed by one person, the first parent record in the school database is sent the digital contract to be signed. To change who signs the contract, see question 3.

2) My child’s name and information is blank

You are viewing the read only contract as you are the second parent listed in the school's database. In the read only contract, your child’s information is blank as this document is just for you to read through the contract terms.

3) I want to change who signs the contract

The first parent (name in the email subject) can change who signs the contract using the DocuSign software.

  • Open the email
  • Click on review document
  • Click on OTHER ACTIONS and then Assign to Someone Else

4) Can I print the contract and sign it?

The student contract is a digital only contract and cannot be printed on paper and signed.

5) I am travelling at the moment and can’t sign the contract

The contract can be signed using a mobile phone / handphone or tablet.

6) My child’s name is incorrect

Please email and we will correct this for you.

7) I would like a copy of the contract for my records

After signing the contract, you will be sent an email with a copy of the signed student contract for your records.

8) Why am I not the main parent contact?

The person signing the student contract is the first parent inputted into the school’s database. This does not mean they are the primary or main contact. This is how the DocuSign contract software works. If you would like to change who signs the student contract, please see question 3.

9) Why am being sent reminders to sign the contract?

You will be sent email reminders automatically by the DocuSign system until the student contract is signed. Please sign the student contract as soon as possible.

10) My child is withdrawing from GESS in 2020/21 school year. Do I need to sign the contract?

Yes, you must sign the student contract. After you have completed the termination form, you will be sent a withdrawal letter which cancels the obligations under the 2020/21 student contract.

11) I did not receive the signed contract by email.

Please search your emails including spam / junk folders for an email from or

If you require any assistance with the student contract for 2020/21, please contact School Services at or use the LiveChat function on the website.