Yearbook Photoshoot

The annual yearbook class photo-taking is scheduled from 19 - 27 January and 8 – 10 February 2022. Homeroom teachers will bring their class to the photo studio at their designated timeslots.

Please make sure that your children are dressed in the new GESS uniform with the new logo:

  • GESS polo shirt
  • Black shorts/ skorts or black long pants

Please take note of the following changes due to Covid-19:

No class or group photos, because according to the regulations, all children would then have to wear their masks and stand 3m apart from each other.

Instead of class photos, every homeroom will have one page with a class grid made up of all the children’s individual photos (without mask). The layout will resemble that of the yearbooks we see in the US.

Thank you very much for your support.