Looking for Volunteers for The Nations Committee

GESS has students from more than 65 different nations! It has therefore been decided to set up a new committee, The Nations Committee, and we are looking for volunteers from as many countries as possible.

The Nations Committee group will consist of two different groups of team members:

1. Nation Buddies: they help new parents, who would like to get in contact with a buddy from the same country/region with questions regarding GESS or Singapore and any other questions new parents might have

2. Nation related event organisers: they will organise nation-related events or classes in order to strengthen the ties of people from different geographical backgrounds, celebrate diversity and support intercultural understanding among the GESS Community. It could be any event of interest, i.e. wine tasting, cooking class for adults and/or students, movie night in one’s mother tongue etc.

If you are interested in joining one or both groups please send an email to buddies@gess.sg with your name, email address, child’s class, country and which group you are interested in joining.