CCA Enrolment for Semester 2

GESS is now using SchoolsBuddy as our CCA enrolment portal. In Semester 2, we are offering CCA for Primary & Secondary School students. All CCAs are running in limited capacity and format due to the Covid19 restrictions imposed by the relevant government authorities. Due to the even stricter rules in Pre-School, we cannot offer CCA to our Pre-School students in Semester 2.

CCA enrolment is no longer a race! You will have ample time to choose and submit up to 5 CCA preferences. Your choices of activities are not guaranteed until the system allocation has been finalised. In January, you will be allocated up to a maximum of 3 CCAs (including LEP) from your choices.

  • 14. December 2020 - preference submission starts
  • 12. January 2021 - preference submission ends
  • 13.-15. January - Parents receive CCA allocation and information
  • By 21. January - Parents may request to cancel unwanted allocations by Email
  • 25. January - CCA start for Semester 2
  • 5. February - end of trial period, fees will be raised and payable