Community Mosaic Mural

Do you or your children want to leave a lasting mark on the GESS walls? Here is the rare chance to! As we will soon celebrate 50 years of GESS, we want to create a community mosaic mural piece, bringing together the artistic expression of as many people in the community as possible – teachers, students, parents, alumni and more! Something for future generations of GESS members to look at and remember this enormous milestone in our story.

It is super easy to participate so get your artist mode on and get cracking!

Theme: Your Aspirations
Create a 2d artwork that represents the aspirations, dreams and hopes you have for yourself and your future! It might be about your future choice of profession or an ideal picture you have for your future.

Artwork Requirements:

  • You can draw, paint or design the image
  • Artwork should measure 150 mm x 150 mm
  • Artwork must be in colour. Artist may use as many colours as they like but the creation should be predominantly colourful and not black and white.

Submission Instructions:

  • First step: Fill up this quick form to let us know you are interested in contributing to the Mosaic mural.
  • Artworks submitted can be in hardcopy OR softcopy format
  • For softcopy format submission - send color scanned copy in JPEG Format via email to All submissions should include full name and class (if applicable) written in the email body
  • For hardcopy format submission – submit your work to the Parent Service Centre. Homeroom teachers may collect students’ work and submit on their behalf. All submissions should be labelled with full name and class (if applicable) written on the back of the artwork
  • Deadline: 19 March 2021

Note: Attached previsualisation of the mosaic wall is only to meant as an illustration and the final image may vary.