Danish Mother Tongue Programme

Our programme, which runs from Grade 1 to 12, will help your child gain native level proficiency in the Danish language and enable them to integrate into the Danish school system almost seamlessly, in case of repatriation. It will also give students who desire to enroll in a Danish university a notable advantage. At GESS the Danish Mother Tongue Programme is offered within the IB Curriculum.

Grade 1 to 5

5 lessons per week in place of German as a Foreign Language.

Lesson Focus:
Reading, comprehension and writing skills. The lessons are project based and will introduce students to Danish history and culture.

Grade 6 to 10


4 lessons per week as a language and literature class.

Lesson Focus:

Literature, studying various Danish authors, writing and composing. Students will continue to learn Danish history and culture.

Grade 11 to 12

5 lessons per week as a language A literature level class.

Lesson Focus:

There will be 4 parts and each will mainly focus on Danish literature works from various periods, cultures and genres

Aim of the lessons is to develop the ability to engage in detailed analysis of literature works and literary criticism.

There will be formal examinations, written assignments and oral activities to conclude the diploma.

Parent Testimonial from the Danish Ambassador