Design Technology

Where Creativity is Key

At GESS, we understand that creativity is a critical part of your child’s education. That’s why we foster the imagination of our students, encouraging them to create their own unique products in our award-winning Design Technology Studio. Whether they prefer to learn traditional techniques or use state-of-the-art technology, our Studio is one of the best-equipped school design departments in the region today. Our students are now designing and developing products from prototype to packaging using traditional and modern methods.

How do students benefit from Design Technology?

Design Technology is an amazing subject. It makes a massive impact on students’ learning as they need to take information they learn from other subjects, especially maths and science, and apply it using logic, the power of analysis, creativity and a good portion of common sense. It is a real crosscurricular subject. For example, students learn what a radius and diameter are in maths and then use that knowledge practically in Design Technology – and sometimes they don’t understand these concepts properly until they apply them practically.

Design Technology is an increasingly popular subject at GESS. Students are getting really passionate about it because they can use all their skills to produce their work independently. Not so long ago, laser printing was not even in its infancy and it was inconceivable that a school would have its own laser printer one day. Technology has changed beyond recognition and children will be better prepared for the future by experiencing Design Technology.