Private Tuition

Tuition provided by teaching assistants

Please note that from 23 October 2017, purchase of tuition service provided by our teaching assistants will only be possible via our new voucher system. The voucher system will work as described below:

  1. You purchase Tuition Vouchers from our Accounting department and will receive a receipt for this purchase. Please note that only cash payments are accepted.
  2. You hand over the voucher with assigned cash values to the respective teaching assistants when she/he is giving a tuition lesson.
  3. The teaching assistant redeems the voucher at our Accounting department and receives the respective amount for the tuition lesson.

GESS Tuition Vouchers will be available in sets of 10 and unit price of 20 SGD (= 200 SGD), 30 SGD (= 300 SGD) and 50 SGD (= 500 SGD). Please note that the vouchers are not refundable and there is no date of expiry.

Our assistant teachers are teacher trainee students from universities in Germany. They work for GESS between August to December as well as January to June. The contact list will be updated on the first day of school after summer break and after Christmas break. They can be contacted only then due to Singaporean employment law reasons.

Please note that GESS is not responsible or liable in any manner for agreements made directly between parents and tutors. Please also note that the private tuition is a voluntary offer of our assistant teachers. Not all assistant teachers offer private tutoring. The capacities of our assistant teachers are limited. Please keep this in mind when buying the coupons. The subjects offered depend on the respective subjects studied of the school assistant teachers. Not all subjects (e.g. French) can be offered in every term. In case of no availability of private tuition of an assistant teacher you may need to look for out of school offers or contact our “Lernwerkstatt” (see link in Parent Portal).

Current Offers

We can only publish the contact details of the teaching assistants once the students from Germany are working at GESS. Due to the current situation (Covid19), we cannot yet estimate if and when the students will receive their work holiday pass from the MoM. Probably from 15th September 2020 onwards further teaching assistants will be available. We will inform you here as soon as the teaching assistants are available for private tutoring. Thank you very much for your kind understanding.

Jasmin Kosch
German Section, Secondary School

Jasmin Kosch

German Section, Secondary School

Tuition for: Grades 5-12

Tuition in:

  • English
  • German
  • Geography


  • As per individual arrangement


  • Master, 3rd Semester, English and Geography