Help for Parents

Parent Support

As a community focused school, GESS offers a variety of programmes and services to support our families. Please also view the Help for students page to find out about the services and programmes available for your child.

Parent Committee

Parent Committee

The Parents' Committee is an important link between GESS parents and the school. The Committee conveys the views and interests of the parent community to the School Management and the Board of Governors, promotes collaboration throughout all sections of the school and upholds and enhances the GESS Community Spirit. You can contact the Parents' Committee via email

Buddies Committee

Buddies Committee

The Buddies Committee helps new families with settling into life in Singapore and GESS. Our Parent Buddies are GESS parent volunteers who can answer your questions about living in Singapore as well as organising new family social events. You can contact the Buddies Committee by email at

For our new students in Primary and Secondary, another boy or girl will be assigned as your child’s Student Buddy.

Parent Representative

Parent Representative

Each class at GESS has a nominated Parent Representative who is the link between parents and the school. Parent representatives are elected by the parents once a year. You can contact the Parent Representative if you need any help or support with school problems.

Community Club

Community Club

The Community Club is designed to bring parents, staff members and students closer together and to meet people who share the same interests, be it in sports, current affairs or just about anything. To contact the group leaders or coaches, or to ask a question, you can contact

Homeroom teacher

Homeroom teacher

The student’s Homeroom teacher is the main point of contact for academic and class questions. The Homeroom teacher’s contact information will be shared with parents before the start of the new school year, once the class is allocated.

School Services

School Services

The School Services department is the main point of contact for parents regarding all administrative questions and requests. Parents should also contact School Services if their child is not feeling well and cannot come to school. School Services can be reached at +65 6469 0801 or via email at

Changes in address, contact details or other personal information such as renewed passport/immigration pass can be updated online via Myinfo.

Office Hours:
  • Monday - Friday: 8 am - 5 pm
  • Monday - Friday: 9 am - 4 pm (School Holidays)
Communication / Portals Guide

Communication / Portals Guide

GESS Engage

GESS Engage is an app that is used for parent and school communication. You can see your child’s timetable, attendance, school reports, school news and contact your teacher all in one app. It is accessible via the app or desktop:

User Guides: Desktop / Mobile App

GESS Myinfo

Use the portal GESS Myinfo, if you want to update your basic profile information (name, phone number, email address, postal address) or to top up your child’s student ID card. You can access the portal via this link:


Managebac is a Learning Management System used exclusively by our IB Secondary students and their parents to view in class information such as assignments and class materials. You can access the portal via this link:


All forms, policies and useful information for parents are available online in the Parent Portal. You do not need a username or password to access the Parent Portal. Please visit:


SchoolsBuddy is where you register your child for our after-school programmes. On this site you can register your child for:

  • After-school activities (CCA)
  • Senior Sports Programme
  • After-school language programme for Primary (LEP)
  • Afternoon programme for German primary students (ENP)

Please visit:


Seesaw is an app used by our Preschool and European Section Primary School. You can see information about your child’s learning, classroom activities, photos, videos and project work. The app provides a window into your child’s school life and can be shared with family members. Each class has their own log in details for SeeSaw and you will be sent the QR code to register for your account.


Find all the latest news about our sport teams like for example match reports, fixtures & results, photo & videos as well as the sport calendar here in the Sports Portal:

First Aid

First Aid

The GESS First Aid team supports our students with all their healthcare needs. There are three state of the art First Aid rooms located in Preschool, Education block and Sports block. There is always a qualified nurse on campus during school hours, including during after-school activities.

Please feel free to contact the First Aid Department via

Location Opening hours Phone
Main Office: Room H201 7.30 am – 4.30 pm +65 646 10 807
Pre-School: Room C110 7.30 am – 3.00 pm +65 646 10 897
Sportshall: Room K201 in Sports Block 8.00 am – 6.00 pm +65 646 14 619
Lost & Found

Lost & Found


Any general items found will be left in the Lost and Found area outside the School Shop. All the lost items will be disposed on the last Friday of each month, or on the last day before school holidays. If students are missing something that is more valuable, they can also check with the Parent Service Centre in B201.


If the GESS identification card is lost, please report immediately to School Services at The card holder bears the replacement cost of SG$30 for lost and/or damaged cards. The costs for the new ID Card can be paid at the School Shop or at the Parent Service Centre.

Events & Calendar

Events & Calendar


There are different events for parents at GESS that enable parents to get informed, become an active part of the GESS community and make friends with other parents.

Please check the school calendar below for more information on upcoming parent events.


The Events Team plays a major role in strengthening the GESS spirit, as well as, supporting school projects and adopted charities. Each year, the Events Team organises two major events to bring the school community together: Christmas Bazaar and International Summer Party. If you would like to get involved, please contact the Events Team at


The GESS school year starts in August and ends in June. Find below the dates of the semesters, school breaks and public holidays for 2020/21.

School Semester / Holidays Dates
Semester 1 17 August 2020 to 22 January 2021
Semester 2 25 January 2021 to 24 June 2021
Mid-term break 12 to 18 October 2020
End of year holiday 18 December 2020 to 10 January 2021
Chinese New Year break 12 to 21 February 2021
Mid-term break 5 to 18 April 2021
Summer break 25 June to 15 August 2021
Public Holidays Dates
Deepavali 14 November 2020
Chinese New Year 12 February 2021
Good Friday 02 April 2021
Labour Day 01 May 2021
Hari Raya Puasa 13 May 2021
Vesak Day 26 May 2021​
School Bus

School Bus

GESS offers a door-to-door school bus service for students in Kindergarten to grade 12, from most areas of west and central Singapore and a shuttle bus service from the East Coast and Sentosa.

School bus fees are calculated by distance and are invoiced for each semester. The fees include the after-school bus at 16:30.

For route timings and availability, please check with the School bus office:


Phone: +65 6461 0873



Lunch is included in the school fees for Preschool students. For Primary and Secondary a range of hot and cold meal options is available in the main canteen. Meals cost 5-6 SGD and students pay at the canteen using their student ID card. Your child may also bring their own lunch from home.

If your child has dietary restrictions or allergies, please let your homeroom teacher know.

School Material

School Material

School materials and workbooks can be purchased in the School Shop. Please find here the full school shop price list.

Click the link below to find the workbooks, schoolbooks, reading lists and school materials lists.

School Shop

School Shop

School uniforms and school materials (including workbooks / textbooks) can be purchased in our school shop. The school shop is located at H224 next to the VIP office and near the canteen area. Please note that visiting the school shop is by appointment only. You must book a date and time via MyInfo (see below the video tutorial) or contact the school shop.

Phone: +65 6461 0880

Location: H224

Opening Hours:
  • Monday - Friday: 7.30 am - 3.30 pm
  • Monday - Friday: 9 am - 1 pm (School Holidays)
Invoicing & Payment

Invoicing & Payment

School fees invoices

School fee invoices are sent twice a year by email for each semester. 50% of the annual tuition fees and development levy will be invoiced in each semester. You can find information about the school fees here.

For payment methods available and information on GIRO monthly payments, please visit the payment methods page.

If you have any questions about school fee invoices, payment options or to change who the invoice is sent to, please contact our Accounts department.


Phone: +65 6461 0838

Student contract

Student contract

Student contract

All families must sign an annual student contract for their child. The contract is sent electronically in April and must be signed within 14 days.

Withdrawing your child

Withdrawing your child

There are two withdrawal deadlines each academic year:

  • 15 October for leaving at the end of semester 1
  • 31 March for leaving at the end of semester 2

To withdraw your child from GESS, you must complete the online withdrawal form by the deadline or the next semester’s fees may be due. Notifications by email, phone call or note to teacher will not be accepted. There is no proration of school fee invoices for students leaving partway through the semester.

By the last day of school, the Student Release form must be completed and signed by the Library, IT and Accounts department. Please make sure you return all books and materials to the school and handover your child’s student ID card and parent ID card to the Accounts department. You can keep your parent ID card if you have another child still enrolled at GESS.

For school reports, confirmation letters, entry test invigilation or teacher recommendation letters, please contact School Services.


Phone: +65 6469 1131

Complaint Management

Complaint Management

Conflicts and complaints are not unusual in the day-to-day operations of a school. Sometimes they are the result of misunderstandings and sometimes they are due to human error. With the following rules, GESS wants to support all members of the school family by providing constructive guidelines to handle conflicts and complaints in accordance with our School Vision and Mission that stand for openness, honesty and mutual respect.

In the first instance, please speak to the relevant department or member of staff. You can also submit a feedback form.

School Association

School Association

The GESS Association is a private body whose main purpose is to maintain and enhance the interests of GESS. It is a ‘not-for-profit’ society. This means that every cent is re-invested into your child’s education. The Association is registered in Singapore and runs and operates the school. The members of the Association are, for the most part, parents of our students.

FAQ - Frequently asked questions

FAQ - Frequently asked questions

1) My child has lost their student ID card

Please complete this form immediately and the student ID card will be blocked. A replacement card will need to be purchased for 30 SGD and any unused credit will be automatically transferred to the new card.

2) I am not receiving emails from my child's teacher or I cannot access a GESS portal / account

Please check your spam / junk email folder first. If you still have problems, please contact our IT Support department by submitting a support ticket.

3) How do I add money to my child's student ID card?

Students in Preschool do not use the Student ID card. For primary and secondary students, please login to your MyInfo account and top up your child's account using a debit or credit card.

4) How do I sign up my child for after-school activities?

For sports and non-sports CCAs (after-school programme), please sign into the SchoolsBuddy portal to register for after-school programmes. If you have any questions or need assistance, please contact the CCA team.

Phone: +65 64610879

For private music or singing lessons (VIP), please visit the VIP page for more information and the registration form.

5) My child has food allergies or dietary requirements. Who should I inform?

Please inform your child's homeroom teacher and also the First Aid team for food allergies.

Phone: +65 64610807

6) How do I update my address, phone number or email address?

It is very important to update GESS with your latest contact information. Please login to your MyInfo account and update your contact information.

7) My child has a new passport or immigration pass. What should I do?

Please update your child's details in MyInfo and securely upload a digital copy of the new passport photo page or immigration card.

8) Who is my child's teacher(s)?

If you are not sure who your child's homeroom or subject teacher is, please contact School Services.

Phone: +65 6461 0801

9) Where can I find my child's timetable?

Please contact School Services for a copy of your child's timetable.

Phone: +65 6461 0801

10) I have feedback or a complaint

In the first instance, please speak to the relevant department or member of staff. You can also submit a feedback form.

GESS has a complaint management policy which explains how we manage feedback from our community.

11) What are the deadlines for withdrawing my child from GESS?

The deadlines for submitting the withdrawal form are:

  • 15 October for leaving in semester 1
  • 31 March if your child will not be attending GESS for the next academic year

Only notifications submitted via the withdrawal form will be accepted.

Please note that there is no pro-rating of school fees for students leaving partway through a semester.

12) I have not received the school fee invoice or I have questions about an invoice

Please contact the Accounts department for questions about school fee invoices or to change who the school fee invoice is sent to.

Phone: +65 64610838

13) I would like my child to change curriculum or study option. What should I do?

Requests to change curriculum or language stream in Preschool must be submitted by 31 March. Please discuss the change with your child's homeroom teacher and then complete this form to make an official request.

Preschool students changing from 3 half-days and 2 full-days to 5 full-days, need to submit the form no later than:

  • 30 September for semester 1
  • 31 March for semester 2
14) I need a school confirmation letter or a letter for a visa application

Our School Services department can send you a school confirmation letter. Please complete the Letter request form with the required information. If you have any questions, please contact School Services.

Phone: +65 6461 0801

15) Can I park on campus?

There is no parking available on campus for parents. For more information on campus entry gates and drop off / pick up times, please read this page.