About Us

Principal's Welcome

Welcome and I am pleased to know your interest in our school, GESS, has brought you here!

Principal Christof Martin

GESS has long been a front runner in the international school scene in Singapore and if you ever have a chance to walk through our doors, the first thing you will observe is that our school population boasts great diversity with students of over 66 different nationalities from all over the world, all calling GESS their home.

What truly makes us a home far away from home to these children is our unrelenting adherence to the European values of respect, openness and diversity. We observe these values in everything we do; from hiring staff, to dealing with multiculturalism in a sensitive way, to creating a safe space for students where we display and celebrate their diversity, and promoting intercultural dialogue. This is where the opportunity presents itself for our students to organically grow into respectful and empathetic, global-minded citizens.
In the spirit of inclusiveness, we are an academically non-selective school and we are open to admitting students of all abilities. We work hard to get to know every student within the community, discover his or her personal strengths and interests and guide all of them towards the right paths for growth. There is room for every interest and talent at GESS, regardless of whether this is in science, music, sports, research, design or more. We are delighted to go on a journey with your children at their pace and at their time.

On the other hand, we are also a school that supports and enhances talent and the especially gifted. A great example of this is the Junior Engineer Academy, the only one outside of Europe. The Academy gives our Grade 8 and 9 students room for research and dialogue with high tech companies and universities and is a major distinguishing factor for us in comparison to other private schools in Singapore.

Education for us is much more than shaping minds. After decades of experience of educating students from globetrotting families, we are especially interested in helping them maintain their sense of cultural identity. To this end, we deliver mother tongue language initiatives in many different forms and encourage programmes that enable these students to remain connected.

What all this means is that, for many years now, we have seen GESS students push boundaries, work towards their aspirations, big and small, and become strong characters with a dedication to serving their communities. At the end of the day, there could be nothing more delightful and rewarding for all of us than an experience like this.

Christof Martin
Principal of GESS