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GESS is an international school in Singapore founded by parents for the community

Founded in 1971, German European School Singapore (GESS) is a world class, not for profit International School in Singapore that offers both the German Curriculum stream and the IB Curriculum stream.

Currently, more than 1800 students are learning at our international school supported by more than 400 full time and part time academic and non-academic administrative staff members.

In August 2018 GESS moved to Dairy Farm Road to a modern new school campus located at the edge of Singapore’s largest nature reserve in west Singapore.

GESS has strong European foundations and believes in developing confident, forward-looking students through a celebration of respect, openness and diversity. GESS is recognised for its languages and offers a choice between two main curricula: the German Abitur or the English-speaking International Baccalaureate (IB) programme.

The school caters to students of all ages, starting from two years old to graduation at 18 years. GESS is a private school association led by an elected committee and the school management.

Our commitment to our community

Here at GESS, we aspire to give our students wings, and to develop them into life-long learners who will be successful and make a difference. We always strive to innovate, enhance, and develop a new future.

Here is our commitment to all our staff as together we help to deliver on that vision.

Meaningful Work - You will be a part of our mission to empower our students in making a positive contribution to the world of tomorrow.

Amazing People - You will be part of a supportive community where you will collaborate with passionate and committed colleagues from all corners of the globe.

Great Benefits - Your well-being is important to us. We take great care in ensuring your health, and that of your family is a priority

Grow and Learn - We are committed to supporting your professional growth by investing in your career development.

Flexibility - Being an international school, we understand the challenges. That is why we support flexibility and look after your work-life integration.

Our overarching mission, vision and values are the same across the entire school. We are more than a sum of our parts; we are ONE school.

We hope that if you join us, you will also adopt our values of openness, diversity and respect in all that you do. In turn, we assure you that we too will lead by example and treat all members of the school with respect and create a positive environment for you to work in.

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